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Ashley Tisdale ~ Last Icon Maker Standing

Ashley Tisdale
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. w e l c o m e .
Welcome to Tisdale_lims!
A last icon maker standing competition dedicated to the beautiful and talented actress Ashley Tisdale, mostly known as Sharpay in the Disney Channel original movies High School Musical and High School Musical 2.
The moderator of this community are fannie85 & elerinia !
We hope you enjoy your stay!
. r u l e s & i n f o r m a t i o n s .
1. You must JOIN the community in order to participate in the challenges.

2. The specific rules will be posted with each challenge. But I can tell you now that the icons need to follow LJ standards, nothing over 100x100px or 40kb in size. All entries will also be anonymous to prevent people for helping their friends. So, please don't post your icon anywhere until the winners for the challenge in question are up.

3. You must enter every challenge until you are voted off, unless you skip a challenge. If you don't, you will get disqualified.

4. If you don't get your entry in before the voting of that challenge starts, you will be disqualified. That is unless you skip the challenge. Everyone has one skip from the beginning, but you can earn more by pimping the community. Just post the link in the post I just linked, and I'll give you an extra skip for each time you pimp. (4 max) Just leave the link of the place you pimped as a comment to the post I just linked. If you have no rights to skip challenges left, and are going to be out of town or something, please let me know in the Skip Challenges post that I just linked, and we'll discuss.

5. It would probably be good for you to join and/or friend the community, as reminders and important notices will be posted in the community.
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